A Need for Speed

Jurgen Nobels won the Against the Clock Challenge at the World Class Global Final 2015 – competing with the best that international bartending has to offer. It was all about making delicious cocktails at speed. That’s why he’s offering great tips on how to take hold of a large order and knock it out fast.

Jurgen is the man to help you improve your approach

When it comes to the Against the Clock Challenge at World Class, you can’t hang about.

In the Cape Town Global Final in 2015, contestants had to make between five and 10 cocktails – all complete, tasting great and looking good, within 10 minutes.

Jurgen Nobels was judged the best of all those competing – so we’ve picked him as the man to help you hasten your approach. Watch the above film for some great tips on technique, planning and attitude to help bring some velocity to your mixing.

Go ahead and press play. Just don’t fast forward! Because our film could help you accelerate your day-to-day working, as well as build up a head of steam when it comes to competing at World Class.

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If you’d like to see the full line up, we’ve jotted down the complete set of drinks that Jurgen produced for the Against the Clock Challenge in Cape Town. It’s a very personal take on the classics – and quickly found favour with the judges!

The Great Grapes Fizz
Ciroc, lemon verbena syrup, lemon juice, grapefruit soda, egg white

Cuberdon Aviation
Tanqueray No. Ten, cuberdon and violet syrup, maraschino, lemon juice

A. Flemming Cure
Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Talisker Storm, Grand Marnier, ginger and muscovado syrup, lemon juice, gum

Pimm(p)s My Knickerbocker
Cacao nibs infused Zacapa 23, Grand Marnier, raspberry syrup, lime juice, gum, Angostura bitters

Rob Seas Roy
Algae-infused Singleton of Dufftown, Dolin Rouge, Fernet Branca, Peychaud bitters, Angostura bitters, gum

Florida Holly Boulevardier
Bulleit Rye, pink pepper-infused Campari, Dolin Rouge, Fernet Branca, Gary Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6

Dry Martini
Tanqueray No. Ten, Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth, Gary Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6

The Belgian Paloma
Don Julio Reposado, lime juice, white grapefruit juice, dark agave syrup, sea salt, Amargo Chungo, Blanche de Namur wheat beer

Bloody Mè-è-è-èry
Ketel One, spicy pasta mix, lemon juice, goats’ milk

I’m Feeling Peachy Julep
Bulleit Bourbon, peach syrup, grapefruit mint