Bursts in Germany and Austria

A short update on the first three events of our World Class bursts in Germany and Austria:

The workshops we hosted have all been exceptional. The ethos behind World Class, and the very essence of hospitality itself, was efficaciously presented by Simone Caporale and Maxim Kilian. Whilst also helping attending bartenders to hone specific skills and inspiring them with demonstrations of their professional experience.

This impressive combination, of such an internationally renowned barkeeper and the previous German winner, only went to motivate the crowd. The mystery box challenge added an additional incentive, with the option to qualify directly.

With events held in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna, World Class enjoyed training an average of twenty bartenders at each. In addition to this, journalists were invited to guest spots at the Diageo headquarters in Hamburg and at the Dots club in Vienna.

The idea of true hospitality was driven home through the use of apartments as event locations. Offering new options and ideas of how to treat guests, both at home and in a professional atmosphere.