Edible Cocktails

The cocktail cook

I’m something of a trespasser in the world of cocktails!

Chef Eddie Shepherd isn’t a familiar name. His work is yet to break through to the mainstream, or find favour among book prize judges. But quietly this UK-based cook is creating a fascinating bridge between food and cocktails that could herald future trends.

“I’m something of a trespasser in the world of cocktails,” says Eddie. “But I love them!”

Because he often creates small dishes suited to tasting menus, Eddie felt it was natural to take the next step, and apply them to drinks.

So we’re showing you a few examples in the image gallery above. First off, there’s a stunning, minimal ‘sake blossom’, which has sake and rose-flavoured meringue with peach-flavoured meringue too, plus yoghurt and blueberries.

Next, ‘Toffee Apple’ blends brandy-infused apple, with caramelised soy milk, brittle blueberry ‘glass’, pine nuts and sprigs of thyme for small pieces of intense flavour.

Perhaps the most visually striking, but also with the fewest ingredients, Absinthe Candyfloss combines absinthe powder, tarragon sugar and candyfloss, with maltodextrin the key to the delivery of alcohol on the palate.

Gin & Pink Lemonade brings together carbonated gin and pink lemonade sphere, with cucumber granite, and a borage flower with its striking colour and subtle cucumber flavour, all in a short glass.

There’s more of this fine spirit in Gin and Tonic Marshmallow with Cucumber Sugar. This cocktail offers up the classic flavours in cubed form, the g&t infused because Eddie makes marshmallow with no egg or gelatine.

Finally, a blend of Irish stout meringue, lemon and black pepper goats’ cheese, champagne gelée and fresh fennel is served on a dark, patterned tile as ‘Black Velvet’ for a stunning variant on this drink.

You can buy the book, or download from iBooks. Plus tell us below what you think of Eddie’s remarkable cocktails.