We’re bringing a whole new way to enter World Class. It will be simpler than ever to take part in the global bartending competition, and because of the type of drink you’ll be making, even more exciting.

This year we have just one period for you to submit a fabulous cocktail idea so read on to find out how to join in, and don’t miss out! 


As bartenders we’re always asked what’s coming next. What’s the hot new trend? What’s around the corner? What’s going to be ‘big’ in bartending? Well now it’s your chance to answer those questions once and for all.



You can provide the definitive answer with a ‘Future Drinking’ concept for World Class 2017. Just watch our short animation film above – hopefully it will inspire as well as inform. Then look out for the World Class 2017 entry page that opens from 9th November 2016 to submit your drink.


It’s a simple idea – imagine the future – and the entry method is pretty straightforward too. But in another way this year’s competition is a real challenge, because you have to enter the unknown.


Who knows exactly how the industry will look in years to come? Well, for the purposes of this competition you do! For your cocktail idea we’d like you to choose two out of these five future concepts – hi-tech, sustainability, drink presentation (menus, lists), emotional connection with the cocktail and finding new, unknown ingredients. Then create a cocktail that embraces your two chosen themes.


When it comes to the other requirements, there aren’t many – which is good news! You need to use at least 30ml of base spirit from one of the World Class brands below. Other than that, you’re free to use any techniques, equipment and vessels that you choose. So get mixing and imagining because the world awaits. Not only are you creating a vision of the future of bartending; if you succeed at World Class you’ll change your own future beyond all recognition too. So get those entries in from the 9th November…


• Bulleit Bourbon
• Bulleit Rye
• Zacapa 23
• Talisker Skye
• Cardhu Gold Reserve
• Singleton Cascade
• Johnnie Walker Gold Label
• Johnnie Walker Blue Label
• Ketel One
• Ketel One Citroen
• Cîroc (any flavour)
• Tanqueray No. Ten
• Don Julio Blanco
• Don Julio Reposado
• Don Julio Añejo
• Haig Club and Jinzu (in countries where these brands are available)


Contact your local Diageo representative for more information

Download The Future Drinking Guide PDF