Introducing World Class Studios Training

Our World Class Studios training is by bartenders, for bartenders – covering hands-on instruction in everything from making a bar stand out to advanced technique for innovative drinks.

Customers are fickle beasts – as one trend falls out of favour, there will always be another on the horizon ready and waiting to take its place. But the bars that stand the test of time have a few things in common – keeping up with changing demands while staying true to the bar’s personality and clientele, using resource wisely and, of course, mixing a damn good drink.

Comprising three modules – The Resourceful Bartender, Signature Serves and Heat of the Moment – it will include:

  • hands-on instructions in how to get the most from available resources
  • advanced culinary techniques that can be used in drinks
  • a map of how some of the best bars operate.


The Resourceful Bartender

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment, but, aside from the environmental benefit – and the green credentials that come with it – there’s a cost benefit to effectively managing resource. Most of which fall under three headings: ingredients, utilities and staffing.

This section of our studios training looks at how to save money by cutting waste and making more efficient use of the resources available. Whether that’s easy fixes to cut electricity usage or water waste, or creative ways to use throwaway parts of ingredients to craft tonics, syrups or garnishes, there are plenty of opportunities to make better use of what’s available behind the bar.

Find more information on this training module here.



Heat of the Moment

There’s more than one way to use an ingredient – take the humble pineapple, for example, which can be sliced, juiced, caramelised, dried, or even thrown on top of a pizza and baked.

Understanding how the treatment of ingredients alters their taste and composition can help with the creation of new recipes and flavours. This training module looks at a range of advanced techniques from the kitchen to understand how they can change the way ingredients behave, covering the science behind solvents, caramelisation, fermentation, smoking and more, as well as mixing and trying drinks using some of these approaches.

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Signature Concepts

At first glance, great bars come in all shapes and sizes, but scratch the surface and there are a few things that all the best in the business have in common. This module of the World Class Studios training looks at a bar through the eyes of a customer, and uncovers the secrets to some of the best bars – from layout to atmosphere.

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How to sign up

Contact your local Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador or email for more information.