Science of mixing

What happens when you add bubbles to liquid? What about injecting gas into semi-solid gel? And let’s try dissolving some aromatised sugar cubes while we’re about it.

What happens when you inject gas into semi-solid gel?

Molecular mixing expert Tony Conigliaro and UCL professor of chemistry Andrea Sella are at the forefront of experimental chemical work, and we’ve filmed them trying out new mixtures and some amazing cocktails here.

Tony runs his experimental lab in London ‘Drink Factory’, and owns Colebrooke Row bar. Andrea is one of the country’s top scientists, regularly appearing on the BBC and lecturing around the world.

They’ve taken time out to explain how you can develop the science around bubbles to create cocktails that excite the consumer.

Check out some great innovation in this short film and find out the chemistry behind bubbles that should expand your craft. And tell us what you think – or whether you’ve carried out your own molecular mixing...