The Last Word with Tim Philips-Johansson

When you set up a pop-up bar at the world’s biggest bartending competition, you can expect a few legends to stop by. Tim Philips-Johansson did just that with The Last Word bar – and took the chance to mix a drink for some of the biggest names in the industry. Check out the videos below to hear words of wisdom from the likes of Dale DeGroff, Ivy Mix and Julio Bermejo on what they love about bartending, their drinks inspiration and how you can save the world, one plastic straw at a time…

Jamie Jones

Jamie oversees over a dozen venues internationally and represented Great Britain in the World Class Global Finals last year. Here, he drops by The Last Word Bar and chats to Tim about what bartenders can learn from the precision of pastry chefs, perfecting your prep, and putting a twist on a Bloody Mary.


Ricky Gomez

After competing in the 2012 World Class Global Finals Tim and Ricky go head-to-head once more in another cocktail challenge – only this time it’s not just their bartending being put to the test! Ricky also chats about the importance of a bar and kitchen team working together to get the best results.


Julie Reiner

Bar legend Julie Reiner was voted Best Bar Mentor in 2013, and is the owner of the iconic Clover Club in Brooklyn. In this episode, Julie draws from her own experience on what matters when it comes to successfully developing as a bartender and making a bar a success.


Benjamin Padrón

There's  been  a  lot  of  emphasis  on  bartenders  learning  from  chefs  and  how  these  skills  can  take  their  drinks-making  to  the  next  level,  but  what  can  chefs  learn  from  bartenders?  Benjamin Padrón  has  the  answer  to  that  and  more  in  this  episode  of  The  Last  Word.


Erik Lorincz

Erik Lorincz walks us through the realisation that opening his bar back in Slovakia required more from him than just the perfect drinks menu. Check out the episode below to find out more about his journey, and why his love for the classics is unwavering.


Ivy Mix

From small town beginnings to world travels, Ivy Mix champions the sustainability message wherever she goes. She chats to Tim about the challenges of reducing our impact on the environment, and how we can overcome them to make sustainability second nature.


Dale Degroff

Tim takes a trip down memory lane with bartending legend Dale Degroff – the man behind some of the world’s best-known drinks. They chat about Dale’s journey, his inventions and whether personality or technique matters most behind the bar.


Dré Masso

Tim quizzes the father of the bar sustainability movement, Dré Masso, on his career, how a green bar can save you money, and the one cocktail he’d choose to drink for the rest of his life. Check out the full episode below for a hit of inspiration.


Julio Bermejo

Tim creates his own version of the Tommy’s Margarita – named the Timmy’s Margarita, naturally – for the creator himself, Julio Bermejo, and finds out what inspired Julio to reinvent this classic cocktail. Watch the full episode below for a peek into Julio’s world.