55 top-class bartenders, one incredible competition - we’re on fast approach to the World Class Bartender of the Year Finals 2019! And now, for the first time, we’re revealing the full list of finalists competing for the title of ‘World’s Best’ this September in Glasgow.


It’s the world’s biggest bartending competition, year-on-year attracting global drinks talent to push the boundaries of cocktails in pursuit of the coveted title of ‘World Class Bartender of the Year’.


And we’re delighted to say that in the competition’s 11th year, it’s no different.


After months of national and regional heats, spanning 55 countries and including more than 10,000 competition entrants, we’ve united 55 of the best bartenders in the business to compete at the World Class Bartender of the Year Finals 2019, taking place from September 24th to 26th in the cultural capital of Glasgow.


Glasgow is a city renowned for its creatives and collaborators, and its resident musicians and comedians, actors and artists, all combine to make it somewhere that is having a real impact on the world’s stage.


From the four corners of the world to the four corners of Scotland, our finalists - a group of dynamic drinks-makers - come together from the world’s hottest bars. Now, they will be pitted against each other to test the parameters of possibility alongside our luxury spirts portfolio.


This year’s competition is our most thrilling yet as our finalists start their World Class journey with two challenge sessions in brand-new locations. The first, in Schiedam, Amsterdam, will take place at the famous Ketel One distillery. Then, they venture to the home of Talisker in the stunning Isle of Skye before it’s full steam ahead to Glasgow for the nail-biting finale, kicking off with a proper Scottish welcome party at Boturich Castle on the shores of Loch Lomund.


It all culminates at SWG3 – an urban industrial hub transformed into a fitting home for our bartenders to battle for the crown. Unveiled for the first time this year is the new ‘A Taste of the Future’ interactive innovation space, designed to give an exclusive glimpse of just some of the near-future changes Diageo and its partners are investing in as part of their commitment to the experience economy.


The challenges are tough, and the competition is tougher, but at a time when cocktail culture is exploding all over the world, it’s appropriate that the world’s biggest bartending competition returns to where many fantastic whiskies began – Scotland.


Judging our finalists throughout their World Class experience will be some of the industry’s most respected and influential voices. Former World Class winners, Master Blenders, and revered bartenders will join forces to offer guidance and insights as these bartenders take on a challenge considered a true testament to bartending skill.


And, if you can’t get to Glasgow this year, fear not! This year’s competition will be live streamed across this website, as well as on our Facebook and YouTube pages. You won’t miss a moment of the action.


Check out all of our 55 finalists below…

  • Alex Boon, Australia
  • Alexander Remoundos, Denmark
  • Anastasia Gota, Ukraine
  • Andrei Lung, Romania
  • Angel Rivera, Kenya
  • Bannie King, Singapore
  • Borja Goikoetxea, Spain
  • Cameron Attfield, Great Britain
  • Carla Constanza, Chile
  • Cesar Cedeño, Panama
  • Chaytan Baez Esteves, Dominican Republic 
  • Claudiu Mnerau, UAE
  • Cory Scruggs, Cayman Islands
  • Damien Duval, Indian Ocean
  • David Abalayan, Philippines
  • David Saremba, Austria
  • David Stenshin, Russia
  • Devi Singh, India
  • Dirk Hany, Switzerland
  • Gabriel Santana, Brazil
  • Gurami Sapiashvili, Israel
  • Hiroki Yoshida, Japan
  • Jacob Oetama Manurung, Indonesia
  • James Chaib, The Netherlands
  • Jeff Savage, Canada
  • Jonmundur þorsteinsson, Iceland
  • Jorge Luis Medina Piña, Costa Rica
  • José "Vini" Hernandez, Puerto Rico
  • Jose Mendes, Portugal 
  • Josmar Figuerasi, Paraguay
  • Jospehine Sonlo, Sweden
  • Katie Renshaw, USA
  • Kitibordee Chortubtim, Thailand
  • Kristian Esquit, Guatamala
  • Liisa Lindroos, Finland
  • Linda O'Flynn, Ireland
  • Maciej Mazur, Poland
  • Malin Stavøien, Norway
  • Manol Lazarov, Bulgaria
  • Maximiliano Salomon, Argentina
  • Miroslav Telehanic, Slovakia
  • Nick Sourmpatis, Greece
  • Osman Baycan, Turkey
  • Owen O'Reilly, South Africa
  • Risto Sainas, Baltics Republics
  • Rodrigo Vidales, Mexico
  • Salvatore Scamardella, Italy
  • Shelley Tai, Hong Kong & Macau
  • Sembo Amirpour, Germany
  • Thep Dinh, Vietnam
  • Thomas Timmermans, Belgium
  • Tomas Nyari, Czech Republic
  • Tony Lin, Taiwan
  • Won Woo Choi, South Korea
  • Yeferson Avila, Colombia