Whether a city break or long haul adventure, global travel and the opportunity to be inspired by new people and flavours, has never been more accessible. And just as we’re sure you curate travel ‘must dos’ for visiting bartenders to your city, we’ve reached out to our World Class bartenders for their take on the best way to see their home town. Check out these trusted top spots to feel the true pulse of the city. 

Explore beautiful Amsterdam with World Class Netherlands winner, Kevin Kroon. 


Getting around

Firstly, if you are planning to get around the Netherlands, you must go by bike to gain an authentic feel for the city. In one of the world’s most bike friendly cities there are many hidden treasures around every corner that are best discovered on two wheels. Although Venice is officially known as the city of canals, Amsterdam by boat is a strong rival for this title as you will gain a whole new perspective of this city from water, be sure to check out Oosterpark which holds a beautiful marketplace called Dappermarkt, a favourite amongst the locals.


Amsterdam is well known for its abundance of Michelin star restaurants but if you are looking for something small yet cosy, Restaurant Lastage offers beautiful Dutch-French cuisine without the ‘stiff’ expectations and hefty bill.


To finish off your Dutch evening try the de Biertuin pub or cocktail bar named Henry’s.


Cross Melbourne off your list with Kitty Gardner, the Australian World Class top 25 finalist 2016. 


Melbourne is described as an eclectic city that is built around the eaters, drinkers, art enthusiasts and the live music fans. Sounds perfect, right? This city truly has art embedded into its very heart the Outre Gallery is a great visit to appreciate some amazing lowbrow and underground art. Take a trip through the Rose Street Market on the weekend and you will pick up some unique handmade items from local artists and craftsmen.


In regards to lunch, South of Johnston is well recommended in this area and rightfully so, providing consistently fantastic breakfasts and lunches.


In keeping with the relaxed vibe of Melbourne, if you are feel like classic serve while listening to some amazing live music in a comfy and casual bar you need to visit The Rooks Return.


Discover Japans secret gem, Nara, with Michito Kaneko, World Class Bartender of the Year 2015.

Situated in the south of Japan, Nara is the steeped in tradition, culture and home to many historical temples including Japans oldest and largest. Nara’s buildings, streets, shops and bars replicate this tradition and nothing sums it up quite as well as a visit to the locally run shops in Naramachi Old Town, featuring one of the oldest Chinese herbal medicine shops in the whole of Japan.


If you think Japanese food is all about Sushi, just need to visit Tsuruyoshi to see for yourself the array of meat, fish, pasta and veg dishes that make up this fantastic Japanese menu.


To be assured of sheer excellence in a glass, visit Michito at his home for a cocktail in the Lamp Bar.


Marquinhos Felix, Brazil winner of World Class 2016 discusses the beauty of Sao Paulo.


This exotic city is sure to amaze. Parque Ibirapuera is a stunning city park that regularly hosts outdoor events, so take a trip here in the afternoon and you never know what you might come across. You don’t have to appreciate art to marvel at the greatest open-air urban art display in São Paulo, where the craziest graffiti blends with the urban scene.


Brazil has some amazing traditional dishes on offer, and its food scene draws in energetic flavours from Asian, African and Middle Eastern dishes. If you want to taste this eclectic mix of food in its true glory, Casa do Porco and Mocotó should be first on your list.


If the idea of a gin beer brew perks your interest, then finish your night in to SOB (Son of a Beer) as they are sure to introduce you to some crazy beer combinations.


Experience Tel Aviv with 2015 World Class Israel winner, Ariel Lezigold.


To say Tel Aviv is multicultural just doesn’t quite sum it up. The biggest city in Israel is a complete fusion of cultures, a global intersection of east and west and a melting pot of cuisine, music, art and architecture all served up in a unique Mediterranean style. During the day take a walk around the beautiful Neve Tzedek, popping into art galleries and coffee shops on your way. Then at night watch this coastal city come alive. Get ready to party the night away, Mediterranean style in the mini-club, Radio.


You must ditch the restaurant for a night on the street to truly experience the city through its love of fresh flavours and quirky combinations. Tel Aviv will transform your idea of street food from cheap and underwhelming grub to something of a gourmet standard. A well recommended street food joint for the best and unrivalled falafel in town is Hakosem.


A visit to Bellboy Bar will promise a night to remember, filled with fun and shenanigans, extraordinary cocktails and great company.