World Class Studios Training: Heat of the Moment

It’s not the ingredient – it’s what you do with it the counts. The Heat of the Moment module of our World Class Studios training takes advanced techniques from the kitchen and looks at how they can be used to create an innovative drinks menu.

What makes a drink good or even great? Aesthetics have an impact, aroma can entice and texture matters too. But the proof of the Paloma is in the tasting, and we can all agree that the most popular drinks must have distinctive and well-balanced flavours.

Classic, simple tastes are tried and tested – but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to get creative, and the best way to introduce new flavours, aromas and textures is to try new techniques. A single ingredient can be used in a host of ways, and provide a range of flavours, experiences and associations depending on the way it’s treated. Even a simple fruit can be juiced, peeled, dried, muddled, flamed, sugared, preserved (the list goes on)… all techniques that alter the flavour and texture of the drink it features in.

As part of our World Class Studios training, the Heat of the Moment module focuses on understanding how the treatment of ingredients alters their flavour and composition, which is key to expanding knowledge and coming up with new recipes.


What does it cover? 

Even simple drinks often have an element of kitchen techniques – sugar syrup and infusions put in regular appearances in many recipes, for example. This training goes beyond these, looking at a range of culinary approaches that can alter the flavour, aroma, taste and texture of ingredients – and so enhance a drink. These include:

  • texture and taste-changing methods such as fat washing, as well as caramelisation and the Maillard effect
  • different ways to use smoking to alter flavours
  • lactic acid fermentation, kombucha and kefir
  • solvents and hydrosols.


What is the benefit of it?

The training will provide an understanding of the science behind a range of advanced culinary techniques, and how they can be applied behind the bar to enhance drinks recipes.


How to sign up

Contact your local Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador or email for more information.