World Class Studios Training: Signature Concepts

What makes a bar stand the test of time? Our World Class Studios training’s Signature Concepts module uncovers the common characteristics of must-visit bars.

Great bars come in all shapes and sizes. From American Bar at the Savoy in London, which does the classics to perfection, to the sustainable approach of Potato Head in Bali, there’s plenty of room for differences in decor and drinks among the world's best.

But while the shiny veneer may be varied, digging beneath the surface will show that the bars that last have more than a few things in common. So, what takes a bar from good to great? What makes some bars standouts, and their concepts a timeless draw rather than a passing fad? As part of our World Class Studios training, in our Signature Concepts module we’ve uncovered the characteristics that make a bar a success.


What does it cover?

The environment, the service and the drinks are the three things most people (consciously or subconsciously) consider when choosing a venue to sit in and sip a cocktail. Seeing these through the eyes of a customer is a great way to home in on the details that make the difference, identify any gaps in a bar’s offering and understand the impact of these.

This training will show how to look at a bar in a fresh way, and understand how, beyond the location or offering, all the senses – from taste to touch – influence how customers perceive a bar and the experience they associate with it.

Most importantly, it’ll cover how to put this into practice, regardless of investment, and that big budgets aren’t required to create a standout bar – just knowledge, perseverance and a little hard work.


What is the benefit of it?

Having a solid understanding of what makes a bar offer great drinking experiences can help bartenders to make informed and considered choices on everything from the layout to the menu.


How to sign up:

Contact your local Diageo Brand Ambassador  or email for more information.