World Class Studios training: The Resourceful Bartender

Wasting resource can not only impact the environment, but also the bottom line. The Resourceful Bartender, one of our World Class Studios training modules, looks at making a bar more sustainable by saving time, money and resource.

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. Anyone who cares about a future that doesn’t fall under the heading ‘dystopian’ knows that our days of leaving deep carbon footprints in our wake and throwing plastic into the ocean are numbered.

But, aside from the environmental benefit (a compelling reason in its own right), there’s also a cost benefit to paying attention to the resources we use.

Those who work in a bar know it’s not a cheap endeavour – from electricity and water bills to disposables such as straws and napkins, it all starts to add up. By cutting waste in these areas, then, it stands to reason that costs can also be cut. And with customers becoming more aware of – and caring more about – sustainable practices, this is a valuable consideration.

As part of our new World Class Studios training, The Resourceful Bartender module focuses on ways to make a bar more efficient (other modules include Heat of the Moment and Signature Concepts).


What does it cover?

The module is supported by three core learning pillars: energy, environment and community. Basic needs such as lighting, water and plumbing go without saying, and, unless it exclusively serves Hot Toddies, keeping drinks chilled and ice solid is  going to be close to the top of every bar’s energy list. The energy pillar  covers how to keep utility costs down by taking a few measures to make appliances more efficient, cut water wastage and much more.

It will also focus on ways to cut back on waste from produce, make ingredients work harder through a variety of techniques, and give tips on what can be grown, created and recycled.

Finally, as the saying goes, time is money – so wasting it can be as big a cost burden as wasting energy and ingredients. This part of the module will cover time-saving measures, from shift patterns to the way a bar is laid out, to help to ensure it – and its staff – are working as efficiently as possible.


What is the benefit of it?

The training will provide an understanding of how certain elements affect bar owners, managers and staff, the bar itself and also the environment. The focus will be on creating a more efficient bar model that benefits not just profit margins, but also the planet. With customers becoming more aware of environmental impacts, this is becoming a bigger consideration for the hospitality industry.


How to sign up

Contact your local Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador or email for more information.