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World Class 2016/2017 – here’s how to take part and enter


Find out how the upcoming competition will run this year.

We’re in Business


Ted Dako has the tips and tools for creating your own business plan – take a look.

A Fine Time in Athens


A Need for Speed

World Class Competition

Jurgen Nobels shows how to succeed if you’re up for a speed challenge at World Class

Alex Kratena’s Top 20 World Bars (and a few more)


Some great places to drink around the globe, according to the man who used to run the world’s best

The secret past of molecular mixing – according to Mixellany

World Class Collection

Molecular Mixology happened long ago – here’s what we can learn from the past

10 Great Facts about Malt Whisky

World Class Collection

Discover essential facts about malt whisky to provide inspiration for a new cocktail and build your knowledge.

A journey to the heart of malt whisky

World Class Collection

A visit by our World Class winners to Cardhu distillery and Drummuir Castle is one not to be missed