Why World Class?

Since its launch in 2009, Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS has been instrumental in transforming fine drinking and cocktail culture around the world. Now in over 60 countries, it has supported, educated and inspired over 250,000 bartenders through its training and advocacy programme. WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year competition brings together the best bartending talent from around to globe to decide who will be crowned the world’s best bartender.

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What makes a bar stand the test of time? Our World Class Studios training’s Signature Concepts module uncovers the common characteristics of must-vis...

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Some of our country winners
Andy Ferreira, Ireland

Place of work: Cask and Raise the Bar

David Kalinchev, Israel

Place of work: Zalame ACB

Mirko Turconi, Italy

Place of work: Piano 35 Lounge Bar

Suguru Makinaga, Japan

Place of work: Bar Leigh Islay

Kelvin Kamau, Kenya

Place of work: Capital Club East Africa